Oh entrepreneurial mind, relax please

Many times when you start with your entrepreneurial journey, you face many challenges like co-founder issues, revenue challenges,  frustration of not able to execute or execute it slow. But believe me, bigger challenge is to making your mind stable and able to make it focus on one thing at a time. Mind keeps jumping from one branch of thought to another. Many times you keep thinking about what will happen in future:- will your idea work, will you be able to make it big, what if your idea will fail, what people will think if you fail? And if these thoughts are coming to you just before the bed, you will end up spending entire night awake. Happen to me many times and still happen.

And all this mind play do effect your physical health also. So what’s the solution? Let me list down few solutions which I see working for me:-

  • Meditation & Yoga:- No, I haven’t started meditating because I came to know that Steve Jobs used to do it. I started doing it because want to calm down my hyperactive mind and achieve better physical health. It’s better to learn Yoga and Meditation under guided supervision.     yoga There are many organizations out there who teaches you how to properly do yoga and meditation. But don’t get settle down till you find a mentor that makes sense to you. DO NOT expect that you will be able to see Lord Shiva or anything like that once you start doing mediation. Meditation is a great tool to start learning to observe your mind, to start practicing mindfulness(living in moment).
  • Organize yourself better:- It is difficult to get organize. There are n-number of tools out there that help you create to-do list. Though no one worked from me till date. Yes, but what worked is when I start my day with a high level task list(in my mind or simply on notepad). todoAnd  don’t open whatsapp/facebook or take phone calls when you are in mid of your work (here again mediation helps). Get into routine and try to stick to it. Checkout below blog for details on how to create routine when initially you are building your product.(pls go there once you finish up here 🙂 )


  • Do a physical activity:-Hitting a gym, doing summing, running or picking up a game help in increase your focus. A healthy mind lives in a health body. I was always able to solve complex programming problems after I am back from gym.  physicalactivity    Now days job needs more and more time of your sitting on computers and under air-conditions environments. Do you remember, when was the last time you sweat out?



You have to observe yourself closely and see what works and what doesn’t work to you. Remember your Focus always needs Focus.

Life cycle of fledgling ideator

I was trying to figure out what causes failure to start-up? What are the various stages a founder goes through? Or what are the various stages through which can ideator goes through when thinking about starting up. And I end up drawing following flowchart/Infographic. Give it a thought, share it and/or provide corrections. If you are not able to view the below image, then please click here

Do you need tech co-founder

Finding a technical co-founder is always a challenge for non-tech founders. That’s the reason there are specific platform’s that helps you in finding out technical cofounder. Being a technology guy, I regularly come across many non-tech co-founders who want tech guy in creating their technology platform. Certainly there is a supply demand gap for technology guys with entrepreneurial zest. Many tech guys who have that zest are running their own show (like me) and others are enjoying their safe jobs which is paying them good money. Many idea’s die or fail to get launched because non-tech founder is not able launch MVP. But have you ever given a thought that “Do you really need a tech co-founder?” Or “What are the options you have to launch MVP without tech co-founder”?

As a non-tech founder you have two different options to launch MVP without an in-house technology guy:-

1)      Learn programming: – Believe me, it’s not difficult. And once you start learning it, you will enjoy it. It gives instance results unlike sales and marketing where you have to wait endlessly to get results. And that result is mostly failure, few time success and more times no response. In programming you get results within minutes, or hours or worst case within a day. And mostly the result is a success(once you get a bit of expertise). To develop an MVP, you don’t need to be a rock-star programmer (you can always hire them later once you have raised capital). You need not to be a computer science graduate to be a programmer. In fact there are many successful software products created by people who are not from computer science background. Further after learning a bit of coding, you will be able to communicate in much better way with technical team/co-founder down the line.  And you will be able to hire a junior freelancer or college student(s) and work along with him to launch your MVP.  It will help you in marketing and sales of your product. At the end of article, have given list of platforms where you can learn programming. Now which programming languages, you should learn as beginner? I have parked this question for next post.

2)      Hire digital agency:- Now this option works well when you have money to spend upfront. There are many digital agencies out there that do awesome work at very reasonable cost. Especially in the part of world from where I am writing this blog, we have too many of them. But the art here is to find one having required technical expertise who can get work done within your budget. Again, if you have learned a bit of programming and technology jargon, you will be able to judge agency capabilities in more efficient way and will be able to negotiate well or price. But remember, if you give peanuts you will get monkeys. Better option is to give agencies money + a very small portion of equity (5% to 10%). Reason of giving equity is, it will give them sense of ownership. Don’t worry that why you should be giving them equity as it’s you who have taken all risk of leaving a job and starting up. Right now :-

Your MVP is not out in market
You don’t know whether market is there or not for your product.
You don’t have customers who are paying for your product.

So you are sitting at probably 100% equity with valuation of equity equal to ZERO. And everything divided by zero is :-(I know you are good at maths)


 Here a list of platforms to help you learn programming

And if you still want to find a tech co-founder, here a list of platforms to find technology co-founders.

http://builditwith.me ,   http://cofoundernetwork.com,     http://cofounderslab.com,    http://cofoundr.com, http://doerhub.com,      http://findmycofounder.com,    http://founder2be.com,     http://founderdating.com, http://foundersfarm.com,    http://foundersync.com,     http://foundrs.com,     http://startupweekend.org


PS: My mission of writing this blog is to help every non-tech co-founder launch their MVP. You can drop a mail at kohli[dot]Vikram1982[at]gmail.com if you would like to discuss about your idea and how to launch your MVP.