How to start your MVP – Part 1

As an ideator you always struggle how to build your MVP quickly and cheaply. Especially if you are not from technology background, then struggle increases a bit. Execution is the key and if you dont take decision quickly, you loss that fire with which you started. In this post, I will list down all the question that you need to answer for starting with your MVP. In next post I will try to answer these questions so that it can help you in better decision making.

1) Should I find technology –cofounder or hire freelancers/agency to work on MVP?

2) Should I start learn coding/designing on my own?

3) Which technology stack should I pick up?

4) How I should start by defining the flow of the application and wireframes?

5) How much it will cost me if I outsource MVP to a digital agency?

6) Should I create web application or mobile application or both?

7) How much time it will take to develop MVP?

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