How to start your MVP – Part 2

In my last post, I have highlighted questions that you should be answering when you are starting your MVP. In this post, I will try to answer those questions for you.

Let’s look at the answers to these questions:-

1) Should I find technology –cofounder or hire freelancers/agency to work on MVP?

If you are not a technology guy, it’s always good to find a experienced technology co-founder who can help you with MVP and can take care if every aspect of technology once your start-up grows. But finding a good technical co-founder is very difficult. Those who have required skill to do start-up are already doing their own, or they are enjoying good salaries in software companies. If you are not able to find any passionate geek in your network, it’s better to hire freelancer or agency (small software company). But this option makes sense only if you have up-front money to invest in building your MVP.

2) Should I start learn coding/designing on my own?

Learning new things is always fun. And believe me if you are a non-techie guy then it’s fun to learn designing and programming. But trade-off will be that you will not able to launch your MVP quickly(which is far more important than spending time in learning programming). Further even creating MVP needs you to write good amount of code. Coding comes through practice(hell lot of it). But it’s better to learning programming not because you should code yourself, but because it will either help you out in choosing your technical co-founder or help you in hiring freelancers or shortlisting digital agencies for your MVP.

3) Which technology stack should I pick up?

If you understand technology then its fine to choose one. If you are not, then don’t try to choose it based on what your IT cousin told you. You will either end up selecting something which doesn’t suites your product or can create hell lot of mess for your product down the line.

4) How I should start defining the flow of my application and wireframes?

There are many tools out there that can help you out. Here is a link that can help you.

If you are not familiar with any of the tools or you are sketchpen guy, then go ahead and use chart papers/napkins/whiteboards.

5) How much it will cost me if I outsource MVP to a digital agency?

That depends on the requirement and MVP work that needs to be achieved. Thus minimize the scope of your MVP by putting only those feature you assume your customer need. This will cost you less.DO NOT try to create full product up-front. You don’t even know whether your customer need all those feature or not. So create something minimalistic and launch it.

6) Should I create web application or mobile application or both?

Again it depends on the kind of product you are developing. Looking at the current technology eco-system, mobile provides ease of access to user. They need not to turn their on their laptop, open web browser and access your web application. With mobile customers are always connected to internet. But at a same time not all applications can be created for mobile. Further developing mobile applications are still expensive and difficult as compare to websites. To create native mobile application (native means which are installed in your mobile) are developed using different programming languages (Java/Android SDk for Android and objective-c for iPhone).Strategy should be to choose mobile (probably launch only on one platform – Android or iPhone) if you can afford and able to find someone who can develop that for you.

7) How much time it will take to develop MVP?

That’s the question ideator’s ask me pretty often. And my usual reply is what you want to get developed? And what’s the scope. That’s why it’s very important to minimize the scope/feature set of your product. It will not only cost you less money/time, but will also help you to achieve time to market very quickly. Ideally, your MVP should not take more than 1 to 3 months if executed properly.

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