Look and Feel founders

There are many ideators/founders that I meet who want to create awesome looking web/mobile platform in their MVP itself. They mainly focus on what all features should be there, what should be color of button, what should be the background image. They seem to show and believe that they are expert UI/UX designers and know everything about usability and what all color combinations will result in high user engagement.

They keep changing background images, button and text fonts. They often do it because that’s the only thing under their control and can give result and instant gratification. And what they forget or don’t focus on is (a) talking to customer whether they want the product or not and/or (b) trying to generate actual business.

Trying to generate business and validate your idea is what should be the focus with which you should develop your MVP. Start selling and try to raise funds as soon as MVP is done. You can always hire great frontend/backend engineers and improve your UI once you know that market is their for your idea.

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